Saturday, 12 March 2011


Hi guys…as promised, Sacred Crow story on the Battle of the Bands continues.
The Crows have learned that the day of the tournament was set on Saturday night, 11 Dec 2010. And they were going up against 6 other bands. The judges for the night also revealed: singer Hattan, legendary guitarist Man Kidal and Francesca Peters, nation’s famous singer. The band didn’t really care much about the mentioned judges, instead they were determined not to choose songs that would influenced the judges. Instead they preferred to play songs that are closed to their hearts…

*during practice session 

Two weeks to the tournament, the band practiced consistently every night after work. Despite concentrating to their music, stage elements also considered i.e showmanship, stage control, lighting etc. Ideas where shared by the band members including their manager, Roy (he was appointed prior a few days after the band was formed). Finally, Diddy agreed to be in charge with the lighting scene. Going back to their songs, the band decided to play a medley song combining Bintang di Surga – Peter Pan & Mr. Brightside – The Killers. The band decided to play Hysteria – Muse for their finale. The band has recorded the songs from one of their practice sessions, which you can listen in this blog and feel free to comment or give your opinions.
3 days to go: The band was schedule for two sound check sessions (9 Dec – 9.00am & 10 Dec  - 10.00pm). The band was excited as they can’t wait to discover the big stage awaits them at KL Live. On the first session, the band spent most of their time ‘dealing the PA guys just to get the sound they wanted. After their first session, the band managed to catch a glimpse of the other band doing their sound check. That band played a Bon Jovi cover and one of Search famous song. Sacred Crow’s impression was that all other bands would play rock songs just because two of the judges are rock stars. Not even Shade, Salman, Jay & Umar were intimidated. The next day the band came in for the 2nd session which they have to be there early due to voting session was held first. This voting session is to select which band will perform first till the end. Unexpectedly, Sacred Crow got the nod for the opener. All thanks to Jay who represent the band during that voting session. The second session was better than the first as other bands watched them rehearsed. Diddy was there doing coordination with the lighting man. Roy was also there to give supports and last minute ideas to the band.

Finally, the day the band waited for has come. They have to be there as early as 4.30 pm because they are the first band to perform. Sacred Crow was granted for another sound check which they were happy about it. Few hours passed, the event started with the MC took the stage and introducing the judges and the show was few minutes away. After given the cue, Sacred Crow went on stage. They were ready and confident as ever. The MC quickly introduced Sacred Crow as the crowd went wild, thanks to the band’s families and friends who showed up supporting the band. They even had self made Sacred Crow banner to show their undivided support.


Sacred Crow’s performance started with Shade playing his 12 string acoustic guitar and singing Bintang di Surga as the stage light focusing only him.  During chorus, all music comes to life as Salman, Jay & Umar started joining Shade in the performance. Along came Mr. Brightside, the crowd seemed to enjoy their performance so far. After the song end, the lights were out and the stage went into darkness. Suddenly, the lights were now focusing on Salman as he starts playing the introduction of Hysteria. Then Jay came in with his effects on the guitar followed with Umar on drums. 

*L-R Jay n Salman (Umar's pix unavailable due to tough angle)

After their performance, the judges have given some positive, some negative comments on them. The band didn’t care as they have achieved what they were aiming for: entertain the crowd, which they did. As expected, in the end the band did not win the competition as the band from Sabah has been announced as the winner. Sacred Crow came in 2nd in the Most Entertaining Band category.

 *during judges comments

The band have concluded that this experience have made them realized that bright things ahead for them. It’s not easy getting a month old band and getting ready to perform in that short period of time. Lastly, the band would like to thank all the people who came and support them throughout their performance. Not forgetting Diddy with the cool lighting arrangements and Roy who organized seats for Sacred Crow fans. Do check out the video of their performance in this blog (the quality is a bit low, sorry). Enjoy. Stay tune for the band’s next news and updates.
*Sacred Crow at KL Live

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hey guys, now the band would like to share a  brief story how Sacred Scrow became Sacred Crow.
Sacred Crow is currently consists of 4 members: Shade (vocals), Salman (bass), Umar (drums) & Jay (guitars)
                                        L-R > Jay, Salman, Shade, Umar
It all started in 2010. A group of friends (7-10 people) who work in the same office but from various departments have been spending, mostly their lunch time together and they would talked about almost everything ie. football, work etc. Those one hour spent everyday have caused their friendship to become much closer. Then in Sep'10, one of the friends (Shade) suddenly shared with others his interest in music. Jay, Salman, Saufee and Diddy soon followed Shade with the same interest, as they all had experiences playing music elsewhere outside the office. A few days later, the idea to form a band came into picture. But Salman at the time decided not to join due to working reasons. So, there was Saufee who can slap the bass big time. They soon start searching for a drummer knowing that they realized that they cannot form a band without a drummer. Shade suggested Umar, who can play the drums and also working at the same office. So, a meeting was held at a restaurant somewhere near by the office. All went well and the first jamming session was set. Few days later before their first jamming session, the guys found that an inter company's "Battle of the Bands" will be held in KL somewhere in Dec'10. All agreed to participate as they can use this competition to see what they are made off. Finally, the day for the first jamming session has come. Everybody came except Umar due to had suffered some illness which he could not attend. Luckily, Saufee and Jay brought their outside friends to fill in the drums for Umar. All set as Shade holds his mike, Jay with the guitar and all systems go. They started playing cover songs which they considered to play at the competition. As a result, the first session was not good as they thought it would be. A week later, the band got together for another practice session. This time, Salman was present as he had changed his mind wanted joining the band. Diddy was not there as he has somehow signaled his way out of the band. Obviously, it was a better session compared to the first one. In spite of the excitement in joining the Battle of the Bands, there came one problem: choosing perfect songs for the competition! Ideas were thrown out front, left, right & center. The pressure was mounting as the band had only one month before the tournament starts. Due to this, Saufee started by not showing up for practice as others realized that he had shared the same fate as Diddy. And Salman volunteered to fill in Saufee's shoes. So it's up to Shade, Salman, Umar & Jay to carry on what they have started. The guys kept practicing so hard and each day, they kept growing stronger and sounded tighter. Cover songs for the tournament was decided and all are happy with their choice as they believed that they can get the crowd going. They even invited families and friends come over for practice, just to get their views and comments which can helped the band to improve. A few said the band had a chance to win the tournament. But winning was not in their minds at all. All they looked forward to is to entertain the crowd with their sounds and be able to do that as a band, performing for the first time!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

First Bow

Welcome to the official Sacred Crow blog! Here, the band will share and update any music activities surrounding the band plus, people can get to know the band even closer. Pictures and videos will be uploaded soon as comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Sacred Crow would like to thank their families, friends and fans for their utmost support towards them.